Monday, February 4, 2008

People should know before doing business in your country

Class : AE 2
Date : February 3, 2008
Name : Sa

People should know before doing business in your country.

Do you know some Japanese like to eat raw horsemeat? Some Chinese and Korean like to have dog meat. We live together in the world, but we have a lot of different cultures, habits, religions values and customs. Before during Korea, We should learn about business customs and cultures in Korea. It helps you to improve your business, relationship and trust with your Korean partners. We have different greetings, small talking topics and business feast. You should not be more surprised, if you know about these three tips.

First, you do not know Korea greeting gestures; you are surprised when you meet Korean businessmen and women. We have greeting people by bows and shake-hands when it is the first meeting. Then, we exchange name cards to each other and make a small talk about mane cards. If you do not have your name card, you apologize to them. In addition, when you finish your business, your Korea partners follow you in front of their company door when they say goodbye. Do not be surprised of these greetings when you go to Korea for business.

Second, Koreas like to talk about each other’s culture, boss, age, major, job and family when you have a break time during business. Some businessmen like smoke with coffee during the break time or non-smoking people enjoy green tea, coffee and juice with small talk. They like to talk about each company’s culture and bosses. You can say to them that you do not like these topics, if you are uncomfortable. Usually, we ask questions about private things that are age, major, job and family. Moreover, Korea businessmen like to say: “let’s have lunch or dinner soon.” But it is not real. That is just closing the conversation. These talks can improve your relationship with Koreas and you can get other information for your partners when you accept it.

Third, Business feast is very important in Korea when you finish significant business negotiation or trade. They like to go have sassimi or sushi or lunch together if business was finished in the morning. After good business with you, Korea business men invite you for dinner at an expansive restaurant and like to share Soju or a good traditional drink that is Korea alcohol, with dinner. After dinner, they like to go to drink beer at a pub or a karaoke. These parties can improve your partner’s relationship and trust when you attend them.

Conclusion, A famous Korean CEO said, ”The world is huge, We can find a lot of business.” However, we can do business wherever have very different values, behavior, cultures and ethic. In addition to, Korea is as very different as other country. We should know about Korea to improve our business when we have business in Korea. It is very important Greeting, Small talk and Business feast in Korea. If you do not know these cultures, you could be embarrassed. Now, you already know about very important tips and you can have success in Korea. Keep these tips and get your success .

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