Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Animals are being hit by global warming.

In Hirsch’s (2005) article, “Animals ‘hit by global warming” he explains that now ecology is changed because climate is altered. According to in the article, he says that we have many problems in environment, so some animals cannot have their habitat. Also, he states that our global stream of climate is already changed and many kinds of animals have moved to take new habitat. However, he explains that now some other animals cannot adjust to new environments, so those are going to disappear. Also, he claims that change of climate is not a big problem, but the biggest problem is too speedy change of climate. Therefore, he mentions that people should solve this problem; if climate does not change, some animal may also disappear with their habitat.

Now, environment is going to change and that is a big problem in the world for animals, people, and the earth.

First, animals have sickness because of pollution. Animals live on the ground, in the water, and in the sky. But all habitats have problems such as soil pollution, water pollution, and air pollution. For example, when I came to the United States, I saw the lightning bug for the first time. We don't have lightning bugs anymore because of air pollution. Now, the Mother Nature has become polluted, and animals and insects are going to disappear. It is a big problem, so It is necessary that we have to struggle to clean the environment for all for animals.

Second, the problems give a disadvantage to people, because people get their life material from the environment and Mother Nature. But environment is getting a change for the worse. If it is causes more serious, people will get unexpected disease. For example, in the past, people could use all water such as lakes, streams, and ponds, but now they cannot do that because of water pollution. Many people buy their water for drinking. If this problem gets serious, we cannot drink any water. And water pollution will give some disease to people with serious. Therefore, we should not waste water for our life-support. We just rent water from Mother Nature and give it back with clean.

Last, earth has gotten a sick now because of many kinds of pollution. These kinds of pollution are making earth terrible. For example, our climate is getting changed. The reason is a big hole in the Ozone. This Ozone protects people from sun, but that is getting thin because of pollution. Now, earth is getting warm. If these happen regularly, the earth will disappear like animals.

In conclusion, environment gets big problems, so it is getting sickness. This effect of this is that it makes damage to animal, people, and Earth. Animals will be disappears. And people will get diseases. Moreover, Earth is getting sick. Those are huge problems. Therefore, we should make some solution for the environment.

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