Sunday, July 13, 2008

Biofuel can help to solve fuel problems.

Biofuel can help to solve fuel problems.

In the article “Can biofuels help prevent global warming, or will it only make matters worse?” by Connor, he said that biofuel has both benefits and problems to be our future fuel. The European Union has a thought to improve using the biofuel for transportation fuel. The biofuel is the same as oil, in that it makes carbon dioxide, but plants have absorbed carbon dioxide from air that is a good balance. When we make biofuel by corn and any other plants, we can reduce greenhouse gases and have replacement fuel form nature. However, biofuel can destroy rainforest and increase food cost, which does not serve us benefits everywhere in the world.

Biofuel is two birds, one stone for our future. That can give us many benefits when we predict our future. Urban people might go back to their hometown, which is rural. A less developed country can start a new industry, which will not harm our earth. Biofuel helps to prevent the greenhouse problem. Biofuel not only can help people but also nature, by boing our ideal fuel.

First, biofuel can spread our population from concentration in urban areas. Urbanization is a sort of big problem in our society. Many experts and government officers try to solve this problem, but that is not easy. Many people come to the city because they can earn a lot of money and get a chance to build up their better life. Fuel industry is the biggest industry in the world. If this huge industry goes to the rural area, many people will also go out of the urban area to earn money. Naturally, urbanization is solved by the energy problems. That is the best way to solve two big problems.

Second, many less developed countries can get huge money through the fuel industry. Now, many developing countries build up factories to earn dollars from overseas. However, it produces pollution and affects the earth badly. Most of the less developed countries are in tropical areas and they can grow crops very well. They can earn money to export biofuel. Unbalanced wealth of the world can be solved through biofuel if we use biofuel instead of oil.

Finally, biofuel helps prevent global warming. Now, the North Pole is melting because of greenhouse. An unusual change of weather and a natural disasters happen through greenhouse and pollution that is caused by a lot of factories and carbon dioxide. However, plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Biofuel can clean air and prevent global warming.

In conclusion, our lives should believe with nature if we want to be healthy and have a good life. Nature is not human’s things and we just share nature with other species. Biofuel can help us to solve our world problems such as urbanization, world unbalanced wealth, and global warming. Biofuel is the best way to live together with other species and we can inherit this treasure to our descendants and the next generation.


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