Monday, July 7, 2008

A global crisis

In the article ”Oil: a global crisis” by John Murray, he said that oil price is increasing after the Iraq war and oil price soar will be continued. Now, oil price has been increasing by a third of the record $135 a barrel that has multiplied six-times since 2002. Oil production is decreasing because of a peak of the oil amounts. Before the Iraq war, Hussein offered to U.S to decide to open 10 new giant oil fields. However, U.S and U.K occupied Iraq by war, and then Iraq oil production changed from 3.5 million to two million barrels per day. Demand of oil is increasing, but the oil is limited and peaked. The expert has three views of the predictions for oil price such as collapse, moderate, and soars. The soaring of the oil price is a possible prospect.

Now, I will discuss about the fact that the U.S decision to occupy Iraq was not a long-range plan. U.S.A and developed countries should concentrate on development of efficient engines new alternative fuels. It is true that the oil is going to be gone. We need to find new energy to replace old resources before the real energy crisis comes.

First, we have to find more efficient engines. Efficient engine technologies give us many benefits. We can save oil and money that are used to improve other development of industries and welfare. If our efficient technology is improved, our technology industry can be developed. Efficient technology gives companies big money and good marketing performance. For example, after developing hybrid engines, Toyota earned a lot of money and big market shares, and impressed consumers that they are a good company to think about our earth and future. We need to improve efficient engines before perfecting alternative fuels.

Finally, we have to invest to find new energies. Now our scientists found some for the alternative energies such as new clear power, solar power, wind power, biodiesel, and hydrogen. Those energies were found, but we less efficient than oil energy. Especially, I am interested in biodiesel. That is a really good resource to get energy, because the energy does not destroy nature and helps to clean the earth. If we farm crops to make energy, it makes new jobs and many people come back to their hometowns. This system helps to spread populations all over the world and gives farmers big money that can develop agriculture. We need to have new energies with conservation of the nature. That will be our future treasure and the most important resources for our civilization.

In conclusion, now we have a big problem, which is a crisis of the energy. However, although many people know that oil will be gone, they did not abandon digging land, because oil provides for some rich people who just think about earning huge money. They do not consider the future of the energy crisis. We have to find efficient engines, which help to delay the peak of oil and develop our technology before we find new resources of energy. Then, we have to find alternative energy for our future. Particularly, the biodiesel is a good kind of alternative energy that can protect our nature and serve energy. Now is the time to find new energy with conservation of nature, because we know that the oil price is increasing and that is not easy.


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