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Why using biofuel makes good sense.

Why using biofuel makes good sense.

In the title article “Why using biofuel makes good sense” by John Travers, he said that biofuels helps the economy and the environment which biofuel is the best near-term solution to solve problems of. Biofuel has two types of gas, which are bioethanol and biodiesel. Biofuels cause gas carbon emission two thirds less than fossil fuels, according to Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI). Rural economies can be improved by the biofuel industry and it can give us better values. Ireland can balance between supply and demand when they use biofuels. Energy problem cause for rising food price more than using food to make biofuels. Ireland has sufficient land to make biofuel. Ireland can have a developed technology for the biofuel industry and the technology can improve economic and environmental benefits through biofuels.

I agree that biofuel makes sense in that it improves our economy, develops our technologies, protects our environment, and solves social problems. Especially, my country Korea needs to have biofuel technology for our environment, economy, and technology. Biofuel technology can cure our problems of economic slump can be our competitive advantages.

First, environmental pollution, which is a kind of big problem in Korea, can be solved by biofuels. Especially, air pollution is the biggest problem in Seoul, the Korean capital. Many Seoul people take pains because of conservative diseases such as atopy, splenitis, chest complaint etc. People suffer from atmospheric pollution. Current medical technology cannot heal those diseases, which are healed by fresh and clean air. Biofuel can help sufferers to decrease their pains or cure their problems in Seoul and any other rural areas.

Second, biofuel should give Korea a big competitive edge to improve our economy. Korea earns dollars through exports to the U.S.A, Europe, China, Japan and any other countries. Especially, in the trade Korean’s most important countries are America and Europe. However, Europe builds up regulations to import goods, which should be related with friendly environmental factors. For example, if goods are produced through an eco-friendly process, it can be charged less custom duty and have a reduction of tax. That is a big advantage when we compete with other companies and local firms. Europe approves biofuels as eco-friendly fuels and they try to use the biofuels for their major gas. Biofuels can improve the Korean economy and give Korea companies a competitive advantage.

Finally, biofuel can develop Korean technology to be eco-friendly. Most developed countries prefer eco-friendly technologies and that is the biggest trend in the world. In the future Korea cannot sell goods if it are not made with an eco-friendly process. Many countries try to get advanced environmental technologies and that give them big money for the future. Koreans’ future economy is engaged in technology because now Korean economic power is high technology, which covers our weakness in lack of natural resource, expensive labor, and small land. Most of the advanced countries study it very hard, and Korea also must catch up in environmental technology with biofuels.

In conclusion, now biofuel technology takes in the advanced technology trend and European countries have stared to use biofuel for their transport fuels. Korean also should try to join in the general trend and that can solve our environmental, economic, and technological problems. Korean needs biofuels technology for our future.

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